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I have worked with so many wonderful people over the years. Here are some of the kind words that people have said about my mindfulness coaching. 

Christoph H

Bob is teaching according to Shinzen Young's Unified Mindfulness system. UM is a very specific, practical system which helps you to experience life as fully as possible. His instructions are clear. You can sense that Bob is practicing what he preaches, and that he has a substantial amount of training and teaching experience under his belt.

Robert E

Bob's meditation instruction and guidance is great! He teaches in the framework of Shinzen Young's Unified Mindfulness, which is suitable for anyone from any background and of any experience level. His teaching technique is clear, straightforward, and down to earth. There's no "woo" here, just straight-up practical mindfulness! Highly recommended!

I have worked with so many wonderful people over the years. Here are some of the kind words on how my coaching has helped in their journeys. 

John H

I have long thought that I would benefit from a regular meditation practice, but never felt I was making much progress with it. With Bob it is all beginning to fall into place, and every week I am learning something new. This work is now making a massive difference to my life. Bob has a lovely manner and conducts the classes with assurance and ease. I thoroughly recommend him to all.

Karen D

I don’t have the official big words in my mind to explain the technicality of how it works, so all I can do is tell you how it makes ME feel…

We all need a restful space to go to when life’s difficulties gets the better of us…stress and illness play a huge part in our daily lives. Who would have thought that the solutions to my problems lies within me and all I needed to do was be helped to a relaxed state of mind to enable me deal with them and Bob guides with great calmness.

Samuel K

Attending these sessions has been a great way for me to develop my mindfulness practice and expand my understanding and enjoyment of meditation. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to learn about mindfulness or change their relationship to anxiety.

Lotus in Bloom

Greta S

Bob is a superb meditation teacher who is compassionate, wise and straightforward. All the assets of a buddha.

Kath E

Bob is an excellent teacher with a vast knowledge of mindfulness. He’s patient and understanding with all questions at all levels and makes everyone feel welcome.

Paul S

I found Bob to be a calm teacher, he is patient, thorough and considerate of the experience of the group. I enjoy the sessions and it starts my week off with a positive start. I have learnt useful things that I have carried over into my everyday life - thank you Bob.

Ruby M

Bob is a calm, grounded presence and provides valuable information and guidance alongside mindfulness practice sessions, giving time to share and discuss our experience. If you're interested in a mindfulness practice Bob is the person to help you.

Jade R

Bob's mindfulness sessions have been inspiring to say the least. I feel very relaxed and well-informed. Clear instruction has made the process a pure joy to be part of. It is such an abstract application that can be tricky to 'get into' but I have to say that I have enjoyed every part so far and recently the effects have started to permeate the every day for me. My life is slowly becoming more enriched and fulfilled and I can't wait to continue the practice of meditation which I now absolutely make time for.

Bob is a wonderful instructor with a wealth of experience and has a way of explaining what we are doing in a way we understand. I also like the way the sessions have intensified and we build each week whilst also making sure the sessions are inclusive for all.


D Pitman

I've found Bob's mindfulness sessions to be extremely rewarding. I've tried various 'ways-in' to meditation and mindfulness over many years and 'Unified Mindfulness' is the framework that really works for me.

As I'm a beginner I'm especially grateful that Bob offers plenty of opportunities to ask questions. In fact Bob encourages questions and is able to respond, having really listened, in such a way that I can more fully understand my experience.
Whilst taking a thoroughly professional approach to the practice, Bob makes plenty of room for all the human responses that show up when we meditate. Meditating with Bob is a safe and enjoyable experience which I really value.

Stuart C

Bob is an extremely knowledgeable mindfulness coach. There is a lot to learn, however, he takes lessons at a pace tailored to your experience and level of understanding. I have now had a number of sessions and each time I come away with new skills to practice, all of which have helped me progress my meditation and well-being. Don't hesitate to contact Bob if you are just starting or want to develop your understanding further.

Beautiful Nature

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