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Pouring Sand

Mindfulness and End of Life

We are born into this world, and as life's narrative unfolds, we must all eventually reach the chapter's end, bidding farewell to the story we've lived

My role as an end of life doula is to walk and support those approaching death. To shine a light and help navigate so that death can be a positive experience for those dying and also for their loved ones.

Being an end-of-life doula makes me confront the impermanence of life each time I work with a client. It prompts me to reflect on my own mortality and ponder the things that really matters.

Yellow Flower

In contemplating this, there is a profound idea of happiness that transcends external circumstances. While certain situations, such as being surrounded by loved ones or enjoying good health, may create a conducive environment for happiness, but life is unpredictable. Despite our efforts to ward off discomforts and unforeseen circumstances, like accidents or a terminal diagnosis. Life may abruptly thrust us into challenging and difficult situations.

In the face of such uncertainties, many questions may arise:

Why me?

What shall I do?

What actions should I take?

How do I cope?

How long do I have?

Old and Young

This is where cultivating mindfulness skills comes in. On a practical level, mindfulness can help alleviate the suffering we may experience. On a more profound level it empowers us to experience happiness that is independent of conditions and that we have a taste of death moment by moment.

This is one of the insights we gain through the practice of mindfulness.

There is a place to fight against the tide but there is also a place with embracing the power of the tide. When we do, we ride upon the waves of nature and if we have complete openness, we experience the grace of nature with oneness.

Embracing on a Bench

The hour glass of sand...

...the remaining grains I have... will I spend them?

Beautiful Nature

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