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Facilitate is the word that Chris believes best captures what she knows to be her deepest purpose -- in that facilitate literally means “to make easier”.


Make what easier?


Living life as imperfect human beings trying to make our way through an imperfect world. Bottom-line, we don’t always get what we want and that can generate dissatisfaction on multiple levels – unless we have developed options to skillfully meet and manage such experiences.


Shaped by 40+ years of experience as a conversation facilitator in a wide range of settings along with wisdom gained through a decades-long commitment to mindfulness practice, Chris humbly views herself as a compassionate companion walking the path with others, trying to make it easier for ALL of us to meet our human experiences – wanted & unwanted – with openness, courage & grace.

Bob chats to Chris Trani

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Equanimity: The Game Changer - Exploring the Transformative Power - with Daron Larson

In this episode, join host Bob Chiang as he sits down with Daron Larson, a seasoned mindfulness coach with over 21 years of experience. Daron utilizes his Attentional Fitness framework to guide individuals in developing focus, self-awareness, and resilience.


Together, they delve into the concept of Equanimity, exploring its essence through Daron's insightful stories, analogies, and examples. Throughout the conversation, Daron shares invaluable tips for cultivating equanimity in daily life, emphasizing the empowering notion that "Your best effort is more than enough."


Reflecting on his own journey, Daron traces back to his early fascination with puzzles and the inner workings of the world, highlighting his innate curiosity and penchant for questioning the status quo. He eloquently discusses the inevitability of encountering obstacles or "speed bumps" on the path of personal growth and the importance of embracing discomfort as a key for development.


The conversation deepens as they explore Equanimity as an undervalued attentional skill, intertwined with Daron's exploration of yoga, dreams, and lucid dreaming, contributing to his journey of increasing body awareness and mindfulness.


Daron recounts his serendipitous encounter with Shinzen Young, initially perceived as a "weird Jewish teacher" from California with remarkable linguistic abilities. Through his experiences, Daron vividly describes moments of experiencing and dropping into Equanimity, prompting an exploration into its true nature and significance.


The discussion extends to encompass themes of mythos, logos, and wisdom, providing profound insights into the human condition and the pursuit of inner peace.


Join Bob Chiang and Daron Larson on this enlightening journey of self-discovery, as they unravel the mysteries of Equanimity and offer practical wisdom for navigating life's challenges with peace and mindfulness.

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Mosaic of Life: Paving Paths to Love, Truth, and Beauty - with Cynthia Lumine

In this episode "Mosaic of Life - Paving the Path to Love, Truth, and Beauty," we are joined by Cynthia Lunine, a Christian Mystic whose journey through faith has been deeply enriched by unexpected encounters and diverse influences. Cynthia takes us on a compelling journey, recounting how her Christian faith intersected with the world of Science Fiction, igniting a profound expansion of her imagination and view of the world.


Drawing inspiration from her father's profound love of nature, Cynthia shares how it shapes her perspective, infusing her spiritual journey with a reverence for the natural world. We delve into Cynthia's serendipitous encounter with Shinzen Young, sparked by a friend's awakening experience, and explore the profound impact of this encounter on her spiritual path and the importance of community in mindfulness practice.


Throughout the conversation, Cynthia highlights the transformative power of art, writing, and creativity in her spiritual exploration, and the importance of these different expressions for deepening our connection to the divine. She shares her approach to working with clients, emphasizing the importance of facilitating a natural process that aligns with the flow of nature, fostering authentic growth and transformation.


Join us as we journey with Cynthia through the intricacies of faith, creativity, and the profound interconnectedness of all existence, joining the different pieces together like a mosaic and illuminating pathways to deeper spiritual understanding and connection.

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Jhanas and Rinzai Zen (Part 1)

- with Nicholas Spyker

Join me in this insightful episode as I sit down with Nick Spyker, a seasoned practitioner who delves into a captivating exploration of contemplative traditions. Nick shares his rich experiences with The Mind Illuminated (TMI), Unified Mindfulness (UM), Rinzai Zen, and the American Forest Buddhist Tradition.


Tune in as Nick offers a unique perspective, drawing comparisons between the various contemplative paths and shedding light on the nuances of practices. He takes us on a journey through the distinct Jhana states, unravelling their significance in different traditions.


Finally delving into his time in Japan within the Rinzai Zen tradition, Nick unfolds the depth of his experiences, the challenges and the profound insights he gained along the way. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, this episode provides a thoughtful exploration as we deep dive into mindfulness practices and the transformative power of different traditions.

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Journeys through Meditation and Psychedelic Mapping (Part 2) - with Nicholas Spyker

Join Bob in the 2nd part of this fascinating journey as he sits down with Nick Spyker, a seasoned practitioner who talks candidly about his psychosis. Discover how Nick's psychosis led him to a profound interest in meditation and explore his transformative experiences with Ayahuasca, Peyote, 5-MeO-DMT, and Psilocybin, and how they map onto different meditative states.


From God knocking on your door to the whimsical notion that God hasn't left; he's just gone to the bathroom!


Nick shares his experiences where the In becomes Out and moments where reality blurs.


Despite facing flatlining and a less cool world, he emerges with newfound wisdom, helping others integrate negative psychedelic experiences. Join us for a mind-bending exploration that transcends the boundaries of reality, offering insights into the dangers and transformative power of psychedelics, meditation, and the intricate dance between the mind and the divine.

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Mindful Healing: Creative Spiritual Practices - with Brendalyn Batchelor

In this episode, Brendalyn Bachelor, mindfulness teacher, counsellor, and Spiritual director joins me as she shares her profound spiritual evolution, from the sacred waters of Baptism to the unifying embrace of Unity.


Brendalyn brings her creativity to the forefront through her expressive writing, therapeutic interventions, and mindfulness ideas. We'll unravel the threads of her innovative ideas, including the "Don't Know Altar," the "Happiness Daily Inventory," and the intriguing "Mind the Eating Gap."


Brendalyn's journey is not just a personal exploration; it's a quest to extend a helping hand to others. She's a beacon of inspiration, constantly learning and developing herself to be a guiding light for those seeking a mindful and purposeful existence.


So, join me in this insightful conversation with Brendalyn Bachelor – a remarkable individual weaving spirituality, mindfulness, and creativity into a tapestry of empowerment and growth.

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From PhD to Buddhism - with Paul Sharpe

In this episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing Paul Sharpe, a Buddhist and psychologist. We delve into his fascinating journey into the world of meditation and his encounters with various traditions.


Paul discusses how he stumbled upon the positive effects of meditation and shares his profound experiences from the teachings of Ajahn Brahm.


Paul's PhD research investigated the effects of meditation on attention regulation. A side-effect of this psychological research was to fuel his interest in Buddhism, which continues to deepen and broaden.

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Mindful Parenting - with Zarko Zunko

& Dr Gill Legg

In this episode, Bob discusses Mindful parenting with Gillian Legg in the UK, a Clinical Psychologist, Behavioural Analyst, and Mindfulness Coach, and Zarko Zunko in Slovenia an IT Specialist and a Mindfulness Coach.


We talk about what being a parent for the first time is like and the challenges. How we use Mindfulness and apply the techniques and skills as parents - especially with children who have special educational needs and learning difficulties. Most importantly we remember to appreciate our children, spend time with them, and cultivate love and positivity.

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