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Mindfulness Coaching

Life is filled with ups and downs, and it's during the challenging times that I can provide valuable assistance.

What does a Mindfulness coaching journey look like?

Once we connect, whether it's through this website or platforms like Facebook or Instagram, the journey towards healing, growth and inner development begins.

Recognising that each person is unique, I take pride in offering a personalised path to success for every client.

Throughout this journey, you can expect the following 4 key stages:

Initial Conversation

To establish rapport and ensure a comfortable experience, I offer a free 10-15 minute telephone consultation. This allows us to discuss your situation and goals, creating a solid foundation before we connect online or in person.

Exploring and Understanding: 

Understanding your specific needs is crucial, which is why our initial meeting is dedicated to delving deep into your situation. I do a Life assessment, which highlights areas of strengths and weakness. This process grants you the freedom to openly communicate with me, your mindfulness coach, allowing us to develop clear goals. Together, we will explore the issues troubling you, from surface-level concerns to underlying, deeper ones.

Coaching Sessions:

Once we have identified the challenges you face, we work collaboratively to determine the most suitable mindfulness techniques for you and how to work with the challenges using Mindfulness techniques. I tailor my approach to address your individual needs, utilizing the best mindfulness practices that align with your goals. During our sessions, I will guide you through the fundamentals of mindfulness, ensuring you are equipped with the necessary skills to integrate these techniques into your daily life.

We will look at your inner experience, exploring and developing fluency with it, what I call exploring and developing your inner world.

There will be challenges that come up and opportunities, base on what is happening for you I can highlight how to work with these, there will be interaction, guiding and coaching.

You will learn how to develop the skills and a set of Mindfulness tools so you know what to do when challenges come up. This empowers you to tackle the obstacles you encounter with a refreshed and inspired mindset, building strength and resilience.

Follow Up:

I am committed to providing ongoing support for my clients. Following our sessions, I make it a priority to check in with you, ensuring that you are adjusting well to your new way of living. This follow-up ensures that you feel supported and helps me understand how best to assist you moving forward.


In summary, I am dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges and find success using Mindfulness Skills. By offering personalised guidance, exploring your unique needs, and providing ongoing support, I aim to empower you to embrace mindfulness and achieve a stronger, more fulfilling life.

Nourish your mind with care,  invest in your mental well-being.

To book a Mindfulness Coaching session, please...

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