Podcast – Mindful Healing: Creative Practices

Season 2, episode 2 with Brendalyn Batchelor a Spiritual director and Mindfulness coach:

In this episode of the Tailored Mindfulness Experience Podcast, Brendalyn Batchelor, a seasoned mindfulness teacher, counselor, and Spiritual director, shares her profound spiritual evolution from the sacred waters of Baptism to the unifying embrace of Unity.
Brendalyn’s creativity takes center stage as she explores expressive writing, therapeutic interventions, and mindfulness ideas. The episode unravels the threads of her innovative concepts, including the “Don’t Know Altar,” the “Happiness Daily Inventory,” and the intriguing “Mind the Eating Gap.”
This journey with Brendalyn extends beyond personal exploration; it’s a quest to offer a helping hand to others. She stands as a beacon of inspiration, committed to continuous learning and development, aiming to be a guiding light for those seeking a mindful and purposeful existence.
Join in for this insightful conversation with Brendalyn Bachelor – a remarkable individual weaving spirituality, mindfulness, and creativity into a tapestry of empowerment and growth.
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