Learn Mindfulness skills

Empower your life

Empower your life with Personalised Mindfulness Coaching

Whatever your goal is in life,  Mindfulness can to help you achieve it. Learning Mindfulness can bring more ease, clarity and compassion towards self and others into your life.

Mindfulness coaching can help you quickly learn the skill of Mindfulness and help you apply it in your life. With the skilled support of a coach, you can make progress towards your goals and make the positive changes you want to make. Begin your journey to a happier, more peaceful You now.

Individual Sessions:

The one-to-one sessions are an hour long. In the first session we will explore what you want to achieve and what your goals are. Through personalised sessions you will learn:

  • To deal with stress more easily and experience inner peace
  • To be able to manage your pain better
  • To manage your anxiety using Mindfulness
  • To develop more insight – learn more about yourself through witnessing your thoughts and emotions
  • To value yourself and have a felt experience of self-love and compassion
  • To deepen your relationship with your partner, family, friends and people you come into contact with
  • To be happier and less ruled by negative, compulsive thinking

The sessions are usually done on Zoom or by phone.


  • Free consultation (up to 20 mins)
  • I offer discounted fees for block bookings of 4 or more sessions.
  • A concessional rate for those with financial difficulties (there is a limited number allocated for this each month).

Contact me in the form below to arrange a free call

 or on Facebook /Mindfulnessskill/


    Weekly Classes:

    Everyone welcome to attend, the weekly sits every Wed  8pm – 9pm online (UK time) through Zoom.

    Details announced through Facebook events.

    We go through the basic as well as the subtler aspects of contemplative practice.

    Sessions are £10

    For further details or questions please email me: [email protected]m


    I run group sessions and tailored corporate programmes both face to face and online, for more details email me [email protected]