What is mindfulness & why Mindfulness Skills?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Meditation is about being present moment by moment.  It is a state of attention that is both relaxed and focused.  The traditional name of Mindfulness is Vipassana, and it is one style of meditation amongst many.  The type of Mindfulness I teach comes from my training with Shinzen Young and it is the one I find most useful, effective and beneficial in terms of precision of the technique and clarity of the explanations.

Why learn Mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness can help  you to be more calm, present and clear in yourself, and in how you interact with the world.
  • Mindfulness can help you break the pattern of compulsive thinking and worrying, and help you start enjoying your life.
  • Mindfulness can help reduce stress, improve your mental, physical and emotional health.

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