About me

Bob Chiang

My name is Bob Chiang, I am a Mindfulness coach.

I have been meditating for over 25 years now. I have an interest in health & well-being and I’m a Tai Chi instructor. Through my journey and experience in contemplative practice, I’ve discovered these practices help one to be happy and more wholesome. It’s important to look after our bodies, it’s also important to look after our emotional and mental wellbeing, nurturing the positivity within and integrating with those around us and the greater whole.

I am a Lead Coach in the Unified Mindfulness system developed by Shinzen Young.

I work with people from all walks of life to be able to help them in utilising Mindfulness effectively in their daily life. From stress, anxiety management, emotional & mental well-being, and other life challenges.

I teach and coach individuals who are new and curious about Mindfulness to have a more fulfilled life.

I run a monthly online Mindfulness meetup for teachers and facilitators to interact, exchange knowledge, and establish connections.

I also have an ongoing interest in Mindful approaches to End of life and hospices.

You can contact me by email [email protected] or by phone on 07971 172 055.

I also offer other services (Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Tai Chi, and Massage) and you can get more details at bobchiang.com