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My new podcast with MT Mindfulness has started. Kicking with Mindful Parenting in Season 2 Episode 1, with Dr Gillian Legg a Clinical Psychologist and Zarko Zunko a Mindfulness Coach in Slovenia:

New Episode Alert: Mindful Parenting with Bob Chiange, Gillian Legg, and Zarko Zunko – Season 2 Premiere!
Welcome to the first episode of the second season of the Tailored Mindfulness Experience podcast! In this episode, we explore Mindful Parenting with our special guests, Dr. Gillian Legg, a Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Coach in the UK, and Zarko Zunko, an IT Specialist and Mindfulness Coach in Slovenia.
We talk about what being a parent for the first time is like and the challenges. How we use Mindfulness and apply the techniques and skills as parents. Children with special educational needs and learning difficulties. Most importantly remember to appreciate our children, spend time with them, and cultivate love and positivity.
Tune in for an enriching conversation on Mindful Parenting and get ready to embrace your role as a parent with greater awareness and compassion.
Listen to the podcast: linktr.ee/mtmindconsulting
Watch on Youtube: youtu.be/zmOQ4AUFL0g
Learn more about us and our guests:
Visit our website: www.mtmindconsulting.com
Gillian Legg: www.thekindmind.co.uk
Zarko Zunko: www.turbochargemeditation.com

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