Discovering Mindfulness – One step at a time

There is a Chinese proverb “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. When I started my mindfulness meditation journey many years ago, it was fuzzy, I did not know what I was doing and I did not really fully understood the beautiful simplicity of such a practice. I had a vague idea that it was what spiritual people did and I thought if I go through the techniques I might in the hope have some experience with the beyond, come in contact with something quintessential, something to show me that there is more to life. Fast forward to today, the journey I have taken, dead ends, detours, new beginnings, my understanding of practice has deepen. Each time I practice there is something I’m learning, I’m taking a step forward and my horizon changes. When I look back I see how far I have come and when I look forward I see how much more I still have to go. Whether you are new to Mindfulness meditation or a regular practitioner, I hope these words give you encouragement, keep going. If you are new find a good Mindfulness coach to show you the basics, if you have been practising for some time find a competent coach so that you are practising effectively. Find like minded individuals and practise with others. If you would like to get in touch email me, I would like to hear your thoughts or if I can help in any way.

Has Mindfulness helped me? Yes.

How has it helped me? It has given me a strategy to be able to deal better with difficult situations in life better and to appreciate like more, where the ordinary become extraordinary.

Do I still experience problems? Yes,but hopefully I will be able to deal with them more skillfully. 🙂

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